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The Organization…

Whether you own one rental property or hundreds or a business with a reputable product or service that would benefit rental property owners, you owe it to yourself to join the Rental Property Owners Association of Kent County (RPOA).

In 1968, a group of property managers organized to address the needs of rental property owners in West Michigan. RPOA was formed to provide a united voice to legislators, city councils, building inspectors, zoning officials, social service departments, judges and other individuals and groups that have a direct bearing on the business of renting property.

RPOA presently has over 1,600 members and continues to address the needs of its members through various programs, services and benefits.

RPOA’s mission is to:

  • Promote a local and statewide business climate that is conducive to sustaining profitability and the effective management of real estate investments;
  • Promote a positive image of the real estate investment industry;
  • Encourage professionalism within the membership;
  • Provide members with opportunities and services to enhance their skills and profitability.

The Programs, Benefits, & Services…

Technical Assistance

Our full-time office staff is available Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to assist you with questions regarding the rental business.

Legal Guidance

In instances where you require legal advice, we have an attorney on call to answer your legal questions. Your questions will be answered over the phone free of charge. Discounts are also available.

Credit & Criminal Reports

For a small fee, the RPOA can run decision reports on prospective tenants. Decision reports are based upon underlying credit and/or criminal reports but report only whether or not a prospective tenant has passed a screening of loose, moderate or strict risk. These reports can be obtained through the RPOA office and are usually available within three hours from time of request.

Members can also gain full access to credit reports through the RPOA. Members can run credit reports from their own office location—24/7. The RPOA staff is available to help with report interpretation and other technical questions surrounding reports.

Tenant History Website

Members can also share tenant histories with each other and search District Court eviction judgments.

All members have access to the 24hr. free website at:

Forms & Templates

We carry most of the rental forms and related forms you may ever need—each reviewed by our attorney. Sample letters are also available for member use.

Monthly Magazine

The Voice is a monthly publication filled with the latest news in the rental property business, advice, tips, and articles on the best standards of practice in the industry.

Notary Public

Our office has notaries available to notarize your important documents free of charge

Grand Valley Health Plan (HMO)

This HMO is available to our eligible members at group rates.

Nationally Accredited Professional Housing Provider Designation (PHP)

The RPOA sponsors in depth seminars on property management, rental property ownership, real estate investment practices, and other related topics. The PHP program, accredited by the National Real Estate Investors Association, consists of twenty-two courses plus eighteen hours of electives. The program is split into two tracks, one for rental property owners and managers and the other for real estate investors. Members can earn a designation within the PHP as a Certified Owner-Manager or a Certified Real Estate Investor. There is a small charge for each class.

Weekly Rental Guide

Advertise your available units for free on our Weekly Rental Guide, available on paper or online. For Rent signs are also available to use to promote the listings.

Governmental Affairs & Lobbying

In addition to many of the tangible benefits of being a member, RPOA strives to address local and state issues that directly impact the rental property industry. RPOA is also a member of the Rental Property Owners Association of Michigan, a lobbying group representing its members at the State level.

Other Educational Seminars and Conferences

RPOA sponsors other seminars on rental property management, rental property ownership, and other related real estate topics.


With approximately 1,600 members, there simply isn’t a better opportunity to meet other people in the same business. Sharing ideas and concerns is the cornerstone of RPOA’s business.


As a member you’ll have exclusive access to all of the services on our web site. The site features: free rental listings on the web, answers to common questions, links to resources, access to free forms, and more!

Rental Property Owners Association of Michigan

As a full member of the RPOA, you are also a member of the Rental Property Owners Association of Michigan (RPOA-M). The RPOA-M is strictly a lobbying organization working on the industries behalf at the state level. Over fifteen associations throughout Michigan are members of the group.

National Real Estate Investors Association

RPOA members are also members of the National Real Estate Investors Association (NaREIA). NaREIA provides discounts through national vendors, advanced real estate investor training, and real estate investor tools through various websites. The NaREIA holds three major events per year: Mid-Year Leadership Conference, NaREIA Educational Cruise, and the Advanced Leadership Conference.

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