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    2020 RPOA Board Nominations

    Each year RPOA members have an opportunity to nominate individuals to run for election to serve on the Board of Directors of the RPOA. The Board has nominated the following individuals:

    Jeremy Garcia
    Gary Hall, Incumbent
    Joe Howard
    James Loftus, Incumbent
    Jon Smith
    Steve Whitteberry
    Justin Workman, Incumbent

    In addition, RPOA members may nominate a member in good standing. Nominations must be in writing, identifying the person and indicating their member number and include two signatures of members in good standing. One signature may be that of the person nominated. Currently, only Regular member openings are available on the board. No Associate member positions are available.

    Nominations must be submitted to the RPOA office no later than Monday, January 13, 2020. Nominations may be mailed to the RPOA office at 1459 Michigan St NE, Grand Rapids, MI  49503 or faxed to 616-454-6163 or scanned and emailed to contactrpoa@rpoaonline.org.

    Current incumbents, Allison Koetsier and John Potter, are term-limited and may not run for office until one year has lapsed. We thank Allison and John for all their hard work over the past six years!


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