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5 Reasons Why EVERY Landlord Should Be a Member of a Support Association

By Christian Bryant

  1. Education: The costliest mistake a landlord can make is simply not knowing the current law that applies to the situation. These associations typically have 2-8 meetings and classes each month that focus on education.
  2. Support: With most associations, they truly want to help landlords be good, law abiding landlords. Whether it is at monthly Q&A meetings or simply being available via phone or email you can get help with your specific situation. They will be able to walk you right through the proper way to handle your situation, mistakes to avoid, and ultimately the best way to handle a situation.
  3. Forms: These associations also provide access to legal forms for landlords to use that are updated yearly to make sure they are always in accordance with the current laws. Most of the eviction cases that I see tenants win are due to the landlord using an incorrect form or didn’t fill out the form properly.
  4. Legislative Representation: The landlord support associations do most the fighting for landlord rights at the legislature. They will also keep their members informed about proposed laws that will affect their business. When the timing is best they will alert you so that you can contact your representatives to make sure that your voice is heard.
  5. Quality Vendor & Service Provider Referrals: Many of these associations have advertising members that provide services & discounts to landlords. At the meetings and classes, you will also get to network with other landlords. If you are a smaller landlord that doesn’t send enough business to a contractor to get their “white glove” service, then you need the contacts you will make at these meetings. You will be able to find that company that you need without just rolling the yellow pages dice and hoping that they are good at their job and charge fair prices.


Christian Bryant is President of IRC Real Estate & Property Management


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