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    2020 Michigan Landlord & Real Estate Investor Annual Conference & Expo

    Kickstart your new year and win your real estate investing goals in 2020 with three full days with national real estate investor and landlord experts!

    Featuring 8 national speakers, 50+ exhibitors, and breakout sessions packed full of current and wealth building strategies and techniques. Join over 1,000 other real estate investors, landlords, vendors and others in the industry for education, inspiration, motivation and networking. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn strategies from nationally recognized experts and build massive wealth through real estate investing! This year’s breakout session topics will include short-term vacation rentals, note buying, commercial real estate investing, real estate legislation and more!

    FREE admission for current RPOA members. Only $9.99 per person for non-members—this covers admission for all three days!

    The Largest Landlord & Real Estate Investor Conference in Michigan!

    When:  February 27, 28 and 29, 2020

    Where:  DeVos Place, Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan

    We are sold out of booth space for our 2020 conference, but you can still be a part of the conference and get your company name out there in front of hundreds of attendees!

    We are offering ½ off all pricing that included the booth space! Click here to see your options.

    For more information, please contact our Sales Coordinator, Kathy Bartnick at (616) 318-3503.


    2020 National Speakers

    Donna Bauer | Buying Notes: The Fastest, Easiest, Safest Way to Make Huge Profits in Real Estate

    Thursday, February 27th @ 10:10 am

    Donna BauerNote buying is a super-hot investment strategy and Donna knows how to do it—and do it right. She’s packaged her system into a comprehensive and motivating course, The NoteBuyer’s Master Guide, which she now uses as a way to share her success on buying real estate notes and discounted mortgages with the world. Learn how Donna’s tactics can help you take your real estate investment to the next level!

    Donna Bauer began buying notes over 20 years ago as a way to support her four young boys while still remaining a stay-at-home-mom. Today, she is the nations most recognized authority on note buying. As the founder and president of NoteBuyer, Inc., her strategies on note buying and short sales have had tremendous results for investors.

    Vena Jones-Cox | Quickly Generate Massive Cash Flow by Jumpstarting Your Wholesaling Business!

    Thursday, February 27th @ 1:10 pm

    Vena Jones-CoxWholesaling is by far the simplest, quickest, lowest risk, and lowest hassle way to make money in real estate—when you know the right strategies for finding properties, attracting buyers, and getting to the closing. The Real Estate Goddess Vena Jones-Cox will teach you these steps and more so you have the tools to boost your wholesaling career!

    Vena has done it all: landlording, flipping, wholesaling—you name it. Vena does approximately 50 real estate deals every year—focusing on finding great deals and then lease-optioning or wholesaling properties to new buyers. She also teaches 1,000’s of other investors how to do the same. She has been featured in publications such as Money Magazine and Reader’s Digest. She has also been the past president of the Cincinnati REIA, the Ohio REIA and the National REIA.

    John Burley | The Secrets of Raising Private Money

    Thursday, February 27th @ 3:30 pm

    John BurleyWant to do deals with other people’s money? John will share his seven simple steps anyone can follow to get money in your pocket now. He’ll share his secrets of raising private money and you’ll learn how to get paid up front, during and at the end of the deal and techniques to help you take control of your financial future using real estate!

    John Burley has 35+ years of investing experience, has personally completed more than 2,000 real estate deals, and has made hundreds of millions of dollars. He makes his living actually doing deals and not just teaching theory from the stage. The bottom line is: John walks his talk.

    Dixie Decker | Increase Your Cash Flow by 4x in Student Housing!

    Friday, February 28th @ 10:10 am

    Dixie DeckerDixie will teach you how you can get 4 TIMES your cash flow by investing in student housing! She’ll show how to pay market value and still double, triple or quadruple the average investors single-family cash flow. No need to “steal houses” in order to make a deal work. In fact, Dixie will show you how deals can be made WITHOUT buying the investment property, effectively removing any limit on how many deals can be done.

    After a devastating divorce and bankruptcy, this single mother of 2 rebuilt her life through real estate. In the process, she accidently stumbled upon a unique method for buying and profiting in real estate without using any of her own money or credit. In just 3 years, she mastered the process, building her net worth to over $5,000,000 and $100,000 per month in positive cash flow! Today her cash flow machine runs practically on AUTOPILOT, so she can focus on her family, growing investments, and helping others succeed.

    Robyn Thompson | Renovating for Massive Profits & Passive Wealth Building

    Friday, February 28th @ 1:10 pm & 4:20 pm (Special 2-Part Session!)

    Robyn ThompsonRobyn, “The Queen of Rehab”, has integrated her highly successful rehab program into a new buy and hold investment strategy—providing more flexibility for rehabbing for flips or for holds. Robyn will teach you how to map out all of the hurdles, pitfalls and paydays when renovating for profits and building passive wealth!

    Robyn Thompson has renovated and sold over 390 properties. She is the nation’s leading expert on buying, renovating and selling homes for huge chunks of cash and has taught thousands of students how to become financially independent.

    Jim Aydelotte | Put $5k-$10k in Your Bank Account in 30 Days Using Lease Option Strategies

    Saturday, February 29th @ 10:10 am

    Jim AydelotteDon’t have a ton of cash to get into real estate investing? Need a way to invest in more properties without going to the bank or hard-money lenders? If you answered yes, then Jim Aydelotte’s investing strategies are just for you. Jim teaches how anyone can put $5,000-$15,000 in their bank account in 30 days or less, using simple techniques—without shelling out huge amounts of cash. He’ll show you how to structure win-win deals in today’s market with lease options–the fastest way to a check in real estate!

    Jim Aydelotte, The Lease Option Coach, is a nationally recognized and ultra-successful lease option expert. He coaches hundreds of students all over the country to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

    Scott Meyers | Masterclass: How to Achieve Total Self-Storage World Domination

    Saturday, February 29th @ 1:10 pm

    Scott MeyersScott’s presentation at our 2019 conference was a BIG hit—and since this is still such a hot topic we’re bringing him back for round two! Scott Meyers is the nation’s leading self-storage investor. He has bought, developed, and sold over 4,200 units and over 4 million square feet of commercial and self-storage properties. Scott will share the latest strategies in the hottest sector of commercial real estate—self-storage! He’ll teach you how to find undervalued deals (where nobody else is looking!), how to evaluate a self-storage facility and distressed commercial properties to CONVERT to self-storage, how to evaluate a good market for self-storage, how to fund self-storage deals, and more!

    Scott began his real estate career began back in 1993 after purchasing a home study course by one of the top “Guru’s” in the country on how to invest in real estate with no money down—and it worked! He then followed that success up with rehabs and flips and then ventured into apartment investing with over 400 units. He is now the living the dream of low-risk, high cash flow investing through the self-storage business.

    Tony Youngs | The Hidden Market: Finding Distressed Properties in Your Area

    Saturday, February 29th @ 3:30 pm

    Tony YoungsOne of the toughest nuts to crack when getting into real estate is finding a property to buy! Finding distressed properties is one of the best ways to make deals happen. Tony has mastered the art of tracking and acquiring properties in every stage of the foreclosure process from pre-foreclosure to REO. He has been perfecting and creating his own unique system, strategies, and techniques for acquiring foreclosure and hidden market properties and can teach you how you can do it too!

    Tony Youngs has been involved in more than a thousand successful real estate transactions and negotiates with approximately 480 distressed property owners per year. Tony has been a featured guest on countless radio, and television programs and has trained over nine thousand students to become successful real estate investors.

    In addition to all the great featured national speakers, the conference will include:

    • Investment Topic Breakout Sessions
    • Michigan Real Estate Market & Economic Update
    • Grand Rapids Real Estate Development Update
    • Deal Room Each Day of the Conference
    • Over 50 Exhibitors



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