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Annual Property Operating Data (APOD) Sheet

The annual property operating data (APOD) sheet is arguably one of the most popular real estate analysis reports investors, agents, brokers, and others engaged in real estate investing use during the investment decision process. It typically consists of a one-page document used to evaluate a rental property’s income and expenses projected for the first year of ownership. The APOD presents the bottom-line cash flow, rates of return and profitability in one concise and easy-to-read report.

An APOD can be used to evaluate various things:

  • The overall value of an investment opportunity—in other words is this deal profitable enough, does it cash flow, and/or does it fit the type of investment I’m looking for? (Option 1)
  • What the capitalization rate (cap rate) is based upon a given net operating income (NOI) and the purchase price (or selling price). (Option 2)
  • What the selling or purchase price should be based upon NOI and the anticipated cap rate. (Option 3)
  • What the NOI needs to be to justify a particular purchase price (or selling price) at an anticipated or expected cap rate. (Option 4)


Once you have decided what you’re attempting to discover, you can choose an APOD for one or all of these things. APODs are also great tools to analyze what-if scenarios, such as “what should rent be in order to achieve a certain cap rate?” To simplify things for you, we’ve provided four (4) APOD’s that can be downloaded and used to analyze an investment opportunity in any of the four ways…or more!

Click a link below to download and open the APOD in Excel. (You will need Excel to open and use the form.)


APOD Option 1 Sheet

Analyzing NOI, Cash Flow, Cap Rate, Gross Rent Multiplier, Price/Value Per Unit, Price/Value Per Sq. Ft. and Cash on Cash and More.


APOD Option 2 Sheet

Calculating Cap Rate Only


APOD Option 3 Sheet

Analyzing the Sale Price-Value


APOD Option 4 Sheet

Analyzing NOI Needed to Justify Price/Value and/or Cap Rate