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    Are You in Line to Face a Hefty Fine?

    If you are personally working on a rental property or any property that you do not live in that was built before 1978, you likely need certification under the EPA’s Renovate, Repair & Painting Rule (RRP) to do the work. All contractors and landlords doing work that disturbs an area (even a small area) containing lead-based paint must use lead-safe cleaning practices and be trained and certified to do the work.

    Often new investors are unaware of this rule. Even some well-healed investors such as the famous rehabbing team of Chip & Joanna were unaware of the requirements and failed to comply and were heavily penalized by the EPA. While there aren’t everyday headlines of local landlords and investors being taken to task by the EPA, cases do exist. Finding yourself under the EPA’s spotlight could be devastating to your business (and your personal wealth) if you’re not in compliance. When the EPA is done with you, your current and/or previous tenants could sue you if one of their children are/were found to have lead poisoning and use the lack of certification and failure to comply with the rule as grounds for your being culpable and more.

    Getting compliant is simple: Take the RRP certification course, pass the test, pay a fee to EPA and do work using lead-safe cleaning practices and document your work per the rule. OR, hire a contractor to do the work for you that is certified and DOES the work according to the rules. The RPOA offers the course once per month. Taking the course—even if you hire a contractor—is a great way to find out how things should be done. Knowing this can help make sure your contractors are compliant. Check our calendar of events for the next available classes.


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