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    Bills to Modify Eviction Process

    Two bills were introduced in the Senate by Sen. Lucido that slightly modify the current law around evictions or when a tenant abandons their unit.

    The first bill adds additional individuals to the list of those authorized to determine if a tenant has abandoned their rental unit. In addition to the owner, a court officer or sheriff may make the determination. Using a third party might benefit some owners where there is a question about whether or not the premises has truly been abandoned.

    The second bill adds additional law enforcement officers, court appointed court officers and bailiffs to the list of those that can assist the owner with a writ/eviction order and the determination that the tenant has vacated the premises. Furthermore, most localities have specific rules about how tenant’s possessions should be handled during an eviction and who can make the determination on whether or not the tenant has abandoned the premises. This bill will add what is commonly done at the local level into state law. For more on the bill go here.


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