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    Don’t Forget the Benefits

    Sometimes we join an association or buy a service and we forget the initial benefits that attracted us to the association or service in the first place. Your membership in the RPOA includes many benefits that can pay for you membership through discounts and rebates.

    Many local service provides and retailers offer discounts to RPOA members. In addition, large big box stores like Home Depot, Office Depot/Max, and others also provide discounts and/or rebates.

    RPOA members spent nearly 3 million dollars with Home Depot in 2017 and saved up to 20% or more and received a 2% discount on qualifying aggregate purchasing volume. Other members take advantage of the huge discounts offered by Republic waste services and Jack’s Lawn Mowing & Snowplowing service. If you own several properties, the discounts from these three companies can easily pay for your membership several times over.

    Check out all the discounts currently available to members here. And, don’t forget to sign up for the Home Depot program. And, if you haven’t checked in a while, make sure you have the up to date information for your credit and debit cards set up with Home Depot—new cards not registered through your Pro account will not provide credit to your aggregate purchases which is how rebates are calculated.

    Want to know more about the discounts and other benefits you receive as a member or how to sign up, give us a call at 616-454-3385.


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