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A trusted RPOA free member resource. No additional fees, no contract, no on-site visit!

A TransUnion provider of credit reports and instant nationwide background checks. Potential renters complete the RPOA Application for Tenancy online while uploading supporting documents in one spot.

Each adult applicant pays a $40 fee online, has their identity verified and submits their complete file. Members are immediately notified while Intellirent continues to work for you to verify rental history and employment. Get your member toolkit.

Access Benefits

Securely receive and manage:

  • RPOA Application for Tenancy
  • Supporting documents for proof of Income
  • Credit report with score
  • Eviction report
  • Criminal report
  • Sex offender registry
  • Rental history verification
  • Employment verification
  • Renter Resume


RPOA Members List Your Rentals for FREE!

Need help finding renters? No problem! Publish your vacancy and activate Rental Marketing to easily post your listing across multiple listing sites. Learn more.

RPOA members get FREE rental listings through Intellirent—RPOA’s newest member benefit. There are NO additional fees, contracts, or on-site visits required to use Intellirent’s services. Click ‘Access Intellirent’ in the top right corner of RPOA’s Intellirent webpage to get started today!

View the new listing page here.

There is a link on RPOA’s website for prospective tenants to view available rentals and mirentalguide.com also redirects to this new listings page.

With Intellirent’s rental marketing you get:

  • Publish once and done. Save time advertising your rental with Single-Click Marketing, all free.
  • Reduce vacancy when you generate more leads, faster. Over 70 partner internet listing sites!
  • Branded application and listing page to help build your website and engage more renters.

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