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    Grand Rapids in the Top 10 Most Popular Cities for Millennial Home Buyers

    What are the most popular cities for millennial home buyers?  Consumer financial matchmaking site LendingTree recently analyzed mortgage requests and offers for borrowers ages 35 years and under (between 2/1/17 and 2/1/18) along with requests from the total population of mortgage-seekers based on the location of the property to be mortgaged.  They then came up with a set of rankings generated from the percentage of total purchase mortgage requests received by LendingTree from millennial buyers.

    “From a housing market perspective, tight inventory is boosting prices in many markets and millennial home buyers must now contend with rising mortgage interest rates reducing their buying power.”


    10 Most Popular Cities for Millennial Home Buyers

    #01 – Des Moines, Iowa

    #02 – Pittsburgh, PA

    #03 – Buffalo, NY

    #04 – Lansing, MI

    #05 – Fort Wayne, IN

    #06 – Grand Rapids, MI

    #07 – Scranton, PA

    #08 – Syracuse, NY

    #09 – Youngstown, OH

    #10 – Minneapolis, MN


    Interesting to note was that the least popular cities out of 100 all fell within warm winter climates, Florida, Hawaii, Arizona and New Mexico…so much for the sunshine states!


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