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    Help Us, Help You.

    You hear it all the time in the media…

    When it comes to law making and politics, money makes all the difference.  No truer words were spoken.  In order for the real estate investor and rental property owner industry to be effective at lobbying, it must pay to be heard.

    Annually, the RPOA contributes to political candidate and leadership campaigns to grease the proverbial wheels of the legislative machine.  We need your support to make this happen.

    This is a critical time for legislation.  New bills have been introduced that will significantly impact your real estate investment business—for better or worse.  We need your support to kill or pass these bills.

    Help us kill these bills:

    • Bill to require lead inspections at all regular rental inspections.
    • Bill to remove the ability to evict drug offenders.
    • Bill to allow local governments to set rent controls.
    • Bill to provide for court-appointed conservators to administer/control all blighted property.  (Blighted property as defined by local politicians.)
    • Bill(s) to eliminate land contracts as we know them.


    Help us support these bills:


    • Bill to make falsifying a service, support or emotional support animal a felony.
    • Bill to increase the amount allowed for attorney fees in eviction/small claims court.
    • Bill to allow LLC’s to represent themselves in court.
    • Bill to exclude painters and decorators from licensing requirement for residential maintenance and alteration contractors.
    • Bill to allow landlord restitution for lost income from rental property made uninhabitable or unfit for intended purpose by larceny.
    • Bill to restrict local regulation of vacation rentals and short-term rentals by local zoning.

    We are looking to you to help by contributing to the RPOA Political Action Committee (RPOA-PAC).

    We are asking for your support in the amount of $500, $100, $50 or $10.  Make your contribution online at https://rpoaonline.org/rpoa-political-action-committee/.  It will only take you a few moments.

    Thank you in advance for your ongoing support.


    Tom Koetsier
    RPOA President


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