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    Home Sale Prices Jump in Opportunity Zones

    According to new research from Zillow, real estate investors appear to be flocking to Opportunity Zones.  Their data show that areas designated as Opportunity Zones saw a surge in sale prices since that designation was made, which they say is an early sign that investors are eager for the tax breaks. Interestingly, they said that Census tracts that were eligible but were not chosen as Opportunity Zones saw a slowdown in sale price appreciation, while prices in designated Opportunity Zones grew by more than 20% annually.

    “It’s still early, but we’re already seeing some signals that folks have begun to take up Uncle Sam on this offer,” said Zillow Policy Advisor Alexander Casey. “The rationale behind the zones is relatively simple. Proponents argue that a lot of the money generated as capital gains could be used as seed money in traditionally neglected communities – revitalizing infrastructure, fueling economic growth, and spurring job creation and overall prosperity. But whether this tax break will direct funds to the communities that need them the most – or what happens when money arrives – remain open questions. But what’s clear in the meantime is that among the vast array of neighborhoods selected as Opportunity Zones we’ve witnessed wildly different housing market trends up to this point, which might hint at the future of these communities.”


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