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    Just Who Should You Vote for On August 7?

    The Michigan Primaries are just around the corner. The RPOA has interviewed many of the state office candidates running in and around the greater Grand Rapids area.  The interviews enable the RPOA to determine which candidates to support that exhibit an understanding of the issues facing rental property owners and real estate investors and also seem supportive our the RPOA’s positions. The RPOA supports and encourages the RPOA membership to vote for the following 2018 Primary candidates:

    Representative72Jennifer Antel
    Representative73Lynn Afendoulis
    Representative74Mark Huizenga
    Representative75David LaGrand
    Representative76Amanda Brand
    Representative77Tommy Brann
    Representative86Thomas Albert
    Representative88Jason Minier
    Senate28Peter MacGregor
    Senate29Chris Afendoulis
    Senate30Roger Victory


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