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Kentwood and Wyoming Rental Inspections During COVID-19

The RPOA reached out to the cities of Kentwood and Wyoming to see how they are handling rental inspections during the shutdown due to COVID-19. Here’s that we learned:

Wyoming – All non-complaint based rental inspections are cancelled through April. Regular certification rental inspections are currently scheduled to begin again Monday, May 4; however, we continue to look to the Governor’s Executive Orders for direction and as such, this may change. Complaint based investigations continue based upon individual circumstances including type, severity, and public safety risk. Staff are implementing the wearing of gloves for interior inspections and maintaining social distancing of 6 ft., handwashing protocols, etc. consistent with the CDC, Health Department, and our City Risk Controller’s direction.

Kentwood – COVID-19 UPDATE: All inspections (building, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and rental) are suspended until further notice to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect both Kentwood residents and City employees from potential exposure. Additional updates will be provided on their website. Notices requesting landlords to reschedule rental inspections will be mailed with a reasonable time frame to make arrangements when it is advised and safe to do so by the Kent County Health Department. Policies are changing rapidly as more information becomes available on this novel coronavirus and continue to be subject to swift change. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these unprecedented times. Rental inspections will likely be one of the last services that are reinstated by the City in line with a full reopening of the economy.


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