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There’s more to a conference than national speaker gurus…there is also breakout sessions featuring local experts, experienced investors and more.  Join us for eight breakout sessions at the 2018 FREE Michigan Landlord & Real Estate Investor Conference.  Here’s a rundown of the topics to be discussed:

  • Fair Housing: Service, Assistance & Support Animals, Liz Keegan
    Learn from the source.  Fair housing expert, Liz Keegan, will explain how landlords should handle service, assistance and support animals and what documentation they can require.
  • Real Estate Investment & Landlording Idea a Minute (Audience Participation)
    Investors and landlords share their newest and greatest ideas they’ve experienced over the past year to advance their business.
  • Using Air B&Bs as an Investment Strategy
    Learn what’s working and what isn’t.  Find out from those involved in the local market using short-term rentals as their investment strategy.
  • Grand Rapids Lead Grant Program & Rental Rehab Loans, Doug Stek
    Free windows anyone?  The Grand Rapids Lead Grant Program makes free windows and more available to property owners in the City of GR.  Find out how you can take advantage of this program.
  • Don’t Do What I Did (Audience Participation)
    Why make the same mistakes someone else has already made for you?  Find out from other investors what they’ve done wrong and will avoid in the future.  Share you mistakes and help others become more investor savvy.
  • Seller Financing (Panel Discussion)
    What types of seller financing are the most popular? What can you do without a license?  Learn about the various ways investors are using seller financing to do more deals.
  • Investing Outside of Michigan
    Want to expand your investment outside of Michigan?  Find out the things to consider and avoid when looking to invest outside of your local market.
  • Home Depot RPOA Rebate ProX Program, Home Depot Rep.
    Learn how your investment business can save $1,000 each year on buying building supplies and more AND earn a 2% rebate.

Register now for the conference coming up Feb. 22-24, 2018 at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids.


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