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    Lots of Bad Bills Killed

    The 2017-2018 Michigan legislative session presented another round of bad legislation that, if passed, would have negatively impacted rental housing and investment real estate. Fortunately, the Rental Property Owners Association of Michigan (RPOA-M) was able to influence legislators and prevent these bills from making it out of committee.  Here’s a short list of the detrimental bills that died at the end of the session:

    • HB 4456 – Bill to allow for rent control by local governments.
    • HB 4686 – Bill to enable rent limits for seniors.
    • HB 4687 – Bill to repeal the rent control act.
    • HB 5266 – Bill requiring landlords to register tenants as voters.
    • HB 5363 – Bill prohibiting certain clauses in a land contract.
    • HB 5388 – Bill mandating lead inspections for rentals.
    • HB 5485 – Bill requiring landlords provide for recycling services.
    • SB 514 – Bill requiring court-appointed conservators for blighted property.

    Unfortunately, there were a few bills that the RPOA-M supported that also died in committee.  These bills will be taken up again in the 2019-20 session.

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