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Modified Demand Form for Payment for CARES-Covered Properties Available

If you have a “covered property” under the CARES Act, but still wish to give notice to tenants regarding their past due rent, RPOA Attorney Haley Clough has created a Modified Demand for use by landlords. Because Section 8 programs and vouchers and federally-backed mortgages are involved in a large portion of all rental properties, many of our members may find the Modified Demand useful. You can download the form here.

Please note that this Modified Demand is to be used only for the purpose of making a demand for payment prior to July 25th, 2020. The Modified Demand may not be used to induce a tenant to move, threaten an eviction, or otherwise demand possession of the property. As set forth in the accompanying disclaimer, a formal notice will need to be given to any tenant on or after July 25, 2020, if the landlord wishes to initiate eviction proceedings.

Some attorneys have a different take on how to proceed right now, and some landlords may also want to just sit tight. However, many landlords routinely have success in collecting rent simply by making the demand for it, and Haley’s review of the law indicates that this Modified Demand is an appropriate mechanism to accomplish such a demand.


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