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    The Multifamily Investing Forecast For 2018

    By Vinney Chopra

    What is your multifamily investing forecast for 2018? I hear a lot that a correction is coming in multifamily Investing.

    Is it really?
    Where, in what markets?
    How long will it last?

    These questions have been on the minds of a lot of multifamily Investing groups and multifamily syndicators.
    The market has been strong for about eight or nine years. Usually the market cycle lasts about that long too.

    I wanted to share my perspective on it. It is very hard to predict the future. Especially in the times of uncertainty with talk of possibly lowering of tax rates, and cutting out of social programs and small business tax breaks all in the name of economic growth.

    So it is very hard to project the multifamily investing forecast for 2018 due to 5 current factors.

    • Many markets across the nation have peaked.
    • The rents are at the highest level in years.
    • The vacancies have been low.
    • There is less product for sale on the market
    • The competition is fierce.

    But the savvy and tough investment groups always find ways to acquire the right properties even in the heated markets.  For the rest of this article go here.


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