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EP066 You Can't Steer a Parked Car - Taking Action Quickly (but not recklessly), Systematizing Your Business, and Bringing Your Wholesaling to the Next Level with Mike Cowper

In the span of three years, Mike Cowper has grown his wholesaling business to become one of the largest in the Eastern Michigan Tri-State area.  Mike and his partner do 20 deals a month by marketing to homeowner/sellers and assigning the contracts to investors of all specialties.

Mike did not achieve this success by accident, and he's happy to share how he systematically and deliberately went about building his multi-million dollar business.  From defining his team and their duties, to instituting systems and processes, and creating a killer website that is addictive and fun.

Mike and I also discuss the mastermind group he joined that was instrumental in his growth, how solving other people's problems is a key component of his success, and why you can't always believe what the wholesaling gurus tell you.

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You can also hear Mike on the "Just Start Real Estate" Podcast.

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