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EP333 Level One Due Diligence for Buy & Hold and Vacation Rental Investment Property with Masrur Huq

My guest today loves short-term rentals and a few years ago he set out to create a platform to bring the tools of industry giants to the normal investor.

Masrur Huq is the founder of Dynamic.RE, a prop-tech solution that leverages big data to help real estate investors increase their profitability and run their rentals and Airbnbs.

Today we’re going to discuss level one due diligence and how to determine a property's highest and best use. Masrur will show us the process he goes through to determine rental and pricing comps, while aggregating data from AirDNA and other sources to pinpoint the highest profit margins.

Being successful in real estate investing often involves finding solutions that others haven’t thought of or discovered. What I love about today’s interview is that Masrur not only came up with a solution, he’s managed to put it into a software format that anyone can use.

You can find out more about Masrur through his website:  https://www.dynamic.re

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