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EP047 How a Snowmobile Accident made him Question Everything about his Real Estate Investing Business, Land Contracts and Buying & Selling Notes with Justin Herrema

Seven years ago Justin Herrema was in a bad snowmobiling accident that made him question everything about his real estate investing business model.  This questioning led him to become the founder & CEO of Land Contract Realty and Land Contract Notes.

Today Justin shares his over 10 years of Real Estate Investing experience with us, and how he acquires a property, rehabs it, and then sells it on land contract to buyers who aren't able to acquire traditional bank financing.  Justin then takes it a step further by selling the note to a private investor or hedge fund.

There's a lot of great information packed into this conversation.  Justin talks about buying from banks & auctions, renovating, flipping, acquiring lines of credit, working with private investors and getting private money, as well as buying foreclosures from motivated sellers.

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