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EP281 Increase Your Rent Income by 3 to 5% with this Overlooked Tenant Amenity, with Jim Monk from CLOZZITS

My guest today has developed a program that is designed to increase rents by 3 to 5% without costing you a huge capital investment.  He accomplishes this by optimizing your rental space.

Jim Monk is the President of CLOZZITS and believes space optimization is a game-changer for existing properties as well as new construction.  Creating more space for residents is a bigger issue that most owners think, and Jim is here to tell us why.

Today we’re going to discuss the value proposition of maximizing your closet space, what potential residents look for when assessing unit storage, the types of systems that work best, the preferred lighting for your space, and the ways our “do-it-yourself” listeners can maximize space on their own.  We’ll also discuss the costs and ROI generated by installing these systems, as well as the tax benefits and strategies to pay for them.

Talking about closet space may not seem like the sexiest topic, but I guarantee you’ll find what Jim has to say eye opening and thought provoking.  You can find out more about Jim and CLOZZITS through their website:  https://clozzits.com

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