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EP012 Legal Strategies on Buying Foreclosures, Evictions, Leases, LLCs, Asset Protection and Estate Planning with David Hill

EP012 with David Hill, Attorney at Kreis Enderle:
For every rental property owner and investor there comes a time when expert legal advice is necessary.
Whether you're putting together a contract or purchase agreement, forming an LLC, or dealing with a slip and fall at one of your rentals, having an attorney on your team is essential to protecting your interests and investments.

Today I sit down to talk with David Hill, one of the RPOA's team members and real estate attorney for Kreis Enderle in Grand Rapids, MI.

We'll discuss a wide range of topics, such as strategies and pitfalls of buying foreclosure properties,

evicting your tenants legally,

making sure your lease agreement is airtight,

setting up a proper legal entity to hold your investment property,

asset protection and estate planning.

Everyone's situation is different, so the opinions you hear in this podcast may, or may not apply to you.  In this conversation David will share enough general information so that you can have a much more informed conversation with your attorney on your team.

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