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EP267 How She Went From Being Homeless to Building a 250–Unit Portfolio and a $14M Development with Terrica Lynn Smith

My guest today can best be described as someone who has overcome great odds to achieve incredible things. 

Terrica Lynn Smith is a real estate broker and investor holding over 250 properties in Louisiana.  She’s the developer of a $14Million mixed-use community and founding partner of one of the largest private real estate crowdfunding companies in her state.  She also has created her own board game that she designed to teach development concepts, and she’s been invited to the White House.

Terrica has also had to overcome enormous difficulties and challenges, including growing up in the foster system, homelessness, and Hurricane Katrina.

Today Terrica is going to share how she was able to get her real estate license after failing the test many times, how she realized that 3% commissions weren’t going to cut it, how she sought out a particular type of client, and why most of those clients left her when she made a pivotal business decision.

We’ll also discuss Terrica’s rehab projects, the board game she developed to teach development principles, and the mixed-use $14Million development she’ll be breaking ground on in 2021.

I know you’re going to enjoy this conversation with Terrica and hope you’ll be as inspired by her story as I was.  You can find out more about her and her businesses through the following websites:




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