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EP332 Conducting Psychological Due Diligence to Find the Hidden Story in Multifamily Investing with Sam Liebman

Even in these challenging economic times, multifamily real estate continues to perform exceptionally well. Hypergrowth in this investment market has led to intense competition for available properties.

But instead of getting caught up in the frenzy and making a reckless purchase that could sink you, it’s critical to carry out an on the ground inquiry. Take the time to find out what’s really behind the seller’s motivation to sell, use street knowledge to discover whether it’s a sound investment, and think outside of the box about where to find hidden value.

Those are the big ideas motivating my guest today. Sam Liebman is founder and CEO of WealthWay Equity Group a New York-based private equity and real estate development company. He has owned substantial interests in multifamily communities, office buildings and shopping centers, to the ground up construction of a luxury 21-story condominium development in Manhattan. His new book is Harvard Can’t Teach What You Learn from the Streets: The Street Success Guide to Building Wealth through Multi-Family Real Estate.

Sam is going to share some of the great insight you can find in his book. We’ll discuss how he deploys psychological due diligence to uncover the hidden story, why he considers himself a detective and the suspect is always the seller, how the town drunkard saved him $200,000 on a deal, and the office and retail Armageddon he believes is about to happen.

I know you’re going to enjoy this conversation with Sam. You can find his book on Amazon, and contact him through his website:  https://samliebman.com

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