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EP071 Tales of the Honeymoon House Hack - How they used their wedding registry to raise the down payment on their first House Hack, Evicted their tenant during their honeymoon, and make financial decisions together

A year ago Cameron & Emily Walker, in their own words, 'knew nothing' about buying rental property and real estate investing.

Cut to today's conversation where they share how they came across the concept of House Hacking, located & purchased a duplex, and are now living in one unit and using the rent from the other unit to pay their bills.

It wasn't an easy learning experience, and Cameron & Emily are going to tell us how they raised money for their down payment from their wedding registry, evicted their tenant while on their honeymoon, and how they're using their extra house hacking income to pay off their student loans.

We also debate whether or not they should pay off their Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) immediately, or apply those payments to their next house hack.

I know you'll enjoy today's episode.  Cameron & Emily never thought they'd be home owners so soon, let alone rental property owners.  If you're already an investor this conversation will remind you what it was like when you began.  If you're not yet an investor, this episode will inspire you to get started!

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