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EP092 Rent-To-Own Strategies, Making Money by Providing Affordable Housing, and Credit Restoration with Todd Warstler

Todd Warstler learned he was losing his job while attending a Lou Brown Real Estate Seminar.  The news couldn't have been better received, as Todd had already decided that he could make a better living using Lou's techniques.

Today Todd and I discuss the "Rent-to-Own" system that has helped him replace his job income, and how he's used this training to provide affordable housing to residents who were not able to acquire traditional financing.  Todd took Lou Brown's lessons a step further by providing Credit Restoration Services that help his residents fix their credit report and improve their credit scores.

Todd also shares the returns he shoots for when working with investors, the contractor nightmare he encountered, ways to save money on rehabs, and his opinion on the 'Fix & Flip' Shows made popular on HGTV.

There's a lot of great information in this episode for every type of investor.  If you'd like to get a hold of Todd, you can contact him by email, website or phone:





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