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EP165 Making Your Money When You Buy and the Three Rules of Investing in Multifamily with Joseph Gozlan

Joseph Gozlan is a Multifamily Investment Specialist with a portfolio of over 500 units in strong secondary markets in Texas.  He's also a former lieutenant in the Israeli Defense Force and has over 17 years of leadership experiences in the software industry, which helped him sharpen his business and analytical skills as well as his "big picture" perspective.

Joseph is also a fascinating guy with a lot of great real estate wisdom to share.  In today's conversation Joseph takes us through his thought process comparing multifamily investing to other types of investing, and how this helped him go from zero to 500 units in less than three years.  

We also discuss the massive generational shift in demographics that is having an enormous impact on rental housing, Joseph's three rules of investing that will see him through good and bad economic cycles, and how he's in the process of changing out his management team.

Joseph also makes it clear that Multifamily investing is not as easy as some might say.  It takes a lot of work and perseverance, and Joseph discusses the many challenges that he's had to face.

I know you're going to enjoy this highly enlightening conversation. Joseph is also a broker and uses his 360 degree perspective of multifamily investing and ownership to help his buyers and sellers.  You can learn more about Joseph through his brokerage website and his acquisition website:



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