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EP390 These Teens Control Over 80 Units of Real Estate Investments With Eric, Lila, Deven & Ethan Wohlwend

I have the pleasure today of interviewing a unique and fascinating family of real estate investors.

I’ll start with Deven who is 16 years old and controls over 45 units. He published his first book when he was 11 and has spoken in front of live audiences across the country.

His brother Ethan is only 13 but just as impressive. He controls 40 units and also published a #1 book when he was 12.

Both boys acquired their properties without using any money or credit from their parents.

Speaking of their parents, Eric and Lila Wohlwend have been investing for 2 decades and control hundreds of single and multi-family residential properties, as well as oil wells, crypto, and precious metals. They’ve spoken to audiences around the world and have published two #1 bestselling books.

I’ve been looking forward to this conversation ever since we met at the RPOA annual conference last February.

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