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EP116 Where Politics and Real Estate Investing Connect: Supporting Candidates and Legislation that Support us as Real Estate Investors with Tom Koetsier

When it comes to politics, everyone has their reasons for voting for a certain candidate or backing certain issues.  And as real estate investors, we need to be aware of which candidates are best suited to support our ability to provide housing for our residents while still making a profit.

Today we're going to talk about the places where politics and Real Estate Investing connect, and how we as real estate investors and landlords can support the candidates and legislation that in turn supports us as investors.

Here to have that conversation is Tom Koetsier, award-winning realtor with Compass Realty Services.  Tom also sits on the Grand Rapids Planning Commission, he's the current president of the RPOA, and is also a successful real estate investor as well.

Tom also volunteers on the RPOA Government Affairs Commission, as well as the RPOA Political Action Committee (PAC).

You can support the PAC by following the link below:



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