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EP141 Finding Your Pivot-Point: Transitioning from Investing in SFHs to airbnb Rentals with Chandler Spence

The "BRRR" strategy works great for many investors.  Buy it, Rehab it, Rent it out, and Refinance (BRRR) can be a great way to build your portfolio and build cash flow.  But sooner or later, many of us realize that this is a very slow way to become financially independent.

Chandler Spence reached this Pivot Point while investing in Single Family Rentals in Nashville, Indianapolis, Baltimore, and Chicago.  That's what led him to look into investing in airbnb properties, starting with renting out his own basement.

Today we discuss Chandler's ability to build teams remotely, the red flags to look for with your rehab team, and why you should always check out the property before you buy.

We'll also discuss his experience with airbnb investing: how he's automated his business, the technology and tools that simplify the process, and the new frontiers in airbnb investing he sees happening around the country.

There's a ton of great information in this episode.  You can get in touch with Chandler through email or his website:





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