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EP150 Managing Risk & Adding Value With Your Rental Property Insurance with Mike Murphy

Today we're going to talk about an item that every Rental Property Owner has, but many of us don't think about or understand until something Bad Happens.  I'm talking about Your Rental Property Insurance Policy.

There are many ways that you can use Insurance to protect your wealth and property, and there are many ways to make mistakes that will cost you money if and when the time ever comes that you need to make a claim against that insurance policy.

So I've invited my Insurance Broker, Mike Murphy from J.B. Harrison Insurance, to talk about the common mistakes he sees investors making on their insurance coverage and policies.  Mike will also share his suggestions on how to make sure you have the proper coverage that will manage your risk, save you money, and add value to your portfolio.

I also want to thank Mike Murphy for being a new sponsor to this show.  I've been working with him for five years now, and he's my "go-to" insurance broker for all my residential properties.

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