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EP122 Breaking the Golden Handcuffs of a Well-Paying Job and Getting Started as a Real Estate Investor with Lane Kawaoka

Lane Kawaoka is an engineer by day, but whenever he's not on the job, he's full-on into Real Estate Investing as the owner of MPFE Investments which is focused on value-add multifamily apartments.

Lane and his partners own over 626 units and he's raised over $2 Million from private investors.

Today we're going to discuss the steps Lane is taking to break the "Golden Handcuffs" of his high paying job, why its important to get started investing, even if you're buying a mediocre single-family, the reasons he doesn't like 1031 exchanges, and the three ways a deal can fail.

Lane also lives in Hawaii, and explains how he's able to invest in other states.  He also describes his transition into commercial real estate investing and how he learned to talk with brokers and find strategic partners in new areas.  You'll definitely pick up a lot of great information from this episode that will help you in whatever type of investing you're interested in.

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Enjoy the show!

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