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EP109 Become a Lifeonaire: How to Succeed at Real Estate Investing without Giving Up Your Life with Shaun McCloskey

From the outside looking in, Shaun McCloskey was a successful real estate investor and making a ton of money doing short sales and pre-foreclosure investing.  But deep down he know that he was working way too much and becoming consumed by his business.  He needed a better balance, and a better vision for his business.

Today Shaun discusses the Lifeonaire strategy that he discovered, and how it helped him redefine his relationship with his family, with success, and with the debts he had taken on to build his business.  He also explains how anyone can design their own vision for what you want your life to look like, and then reverse engineer your business to make sure it serves your vision

Shaun also tells us why the worst day of his life was the day he made $102,000 on a deal, and how he felt when he lost $87,000 on the first deal he ever did after losing his job.  He's since gone on to do over 300 deals and only lost money three times.

Shaun is also a featured speaker at the RPOA's annual Real Estate Investor and Landlord Conference & Expo, which is happening February 22-24 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

You'll definitely want to hear him speak live, and you can register for FREE at www.rpoaonline.org

For anyone who works too hard and wishes they had more time to spend with their family and friends, this episode is for you!

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