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EP381 Boosting Your Capital Stack with Cashflow-Based Financing with Brittany Mosely and Derrick Barker

I have two incredible guests with me today to talk about a unique way to raise more equity for your deals without relying on limited partner investors.

Brittany Mosely is an Airbnb superhost who has owned and operated more than 20 units across the U.S., an asset manager for a 100+ unit co-living portfolio, and a rental arbitrager. Derrick Barker has built a 4,700-unit real estate portfolio worth over $400 million.

Both Derrick and Brittany uniquely understand the needs and opportunities of other real estate investors, especially those in the short-term rental space. Together they’re the co-founders of Nectar, the cashflow-based financing platform for experienced short-term rental owners and managers.

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