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EP178 Avoiding Nightmare Residents through Proper Tenant Screening, with DJ Newman & Grand Slam Investigations

One of the biggest fears landlords and rental property owners have is nightmare residents.  I'm talking about tenants who seem okay at first, but then decide they're not going to pay rent, damage your property, and cost you thousands of dollars trying to evict them and clean up their mess.

How can we avoid this problem?  Well, the best answer is proper tenant screening.  But not everyone understands what the best practices are, or even how to go about it.

Today, I'm talking with DJ Newman, the owner of Grand Slam Investigations.  DJ is a licensed private investigator and an expert on running background, criminal & credit checks on potential tenants.  DJ is going to share his screening methods in order to help you find the very best residents for your property.

Grand Slam Investigations is also affiliated with the RPOA, and DJ will discuss the benefits they provide to RPOA members.  He also has some great stories of the private investigation work he's done, including the survelliance work that led to having a shotgun pointed at his head, along with some other scary encounters.

I know you'll enjoy this conversation with DJ, and you'll definitely get some tips that will help you find better residents.  You can contact DJ through Grand Slam Investigations' website or by phone.



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