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EP387 Investing Over $1 Billion in Impact-Driven Real Estate Projects With Evan Shields

My guest today is a business leader, educator and public servant who has dedicated his life to advancing economic opportunity for underinvested communities.

And while Evan Shields has led the investment, development and asset management of over $4 billion in institutional commercial real estate assets, he has also realized that there is a huge disparity when it comes to who is actually at the table making decisions.

Today we’re going to discuss the need for more diversity, sustainability, and economic mobility that Evan is focusing on through his company Indelible Capital Partners.

IndeliCap is on a mission to invest $1 billion over the next decade in real estate with an indelible impact on our world. As an owner and operator, IndeliCap strives to revitalize communities through the acquisition and development of market rate, mixed income, workforce housing, and single-family rentals across the Southeast U.S.

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