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EP344 How to 15x Your Returns Through Luxury Short-Term Vacation Rentals With Rachel Gainsbrugh

My guest today was born in Haiti, raised in Miami, and educated to be a doctor. But when she was faced with over $500,000 in student loans, she figured out a way to not only invest in real estate but was able to multiply her profits by 15 times what a traditional rental would gross.

Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh is a healthcare professional by day, and a rental investor by night. She’s the owner and manager of 18 luxury short-term rentals and was recently featured on a Netflix TV show showcasing one of her properties.

Rachel is going to breakdown what it takes to create a luxury vacation rental, from the type and size of the property to the types of amenities it must have. She also shares specific examples of her rentals that are leasing for over $20,000 per month. You’ll also find out the AI dynamic pricing tool that has driven her profits to new heights.

I know you’re going to love this conversation with Rachel. You can find out more about her and download her list of the “Top 75 US Cities with the Highest Profitability for Short Term Rental Investing" at:





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