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EP086 Control Your Destiny by Investing in Lease Options, Land Auctions and Apartments with Whitney Nicely

Whitney Nicely believes everyone should control their destiny by investing in real estate as soon and as much as possible.  Today she joins me in the studio to talk about the many types of deals she's done, the techniques she's used, and the lessons she's learned along the way.

Whitney LOVES investing in Lease Options, and she tells some great stories of the money she's made, and the headaches she's encountered.

You'll also learn the three profit points Whitney focuses on when doing a lease option: The non-refundable lease fee, monthly cash flow, and profit at sale.

Whitney also buys vacant land at auctions and tells the story of two purchases that had surprisingly lucrative outcomes.  You'll also find out how she and her boyfriend (now husband) were able to purchase their apartment units with no money down.

This is a fun, informational episode that I know you're going to enjoy.

You can contact Whitney through her facebook page by going to:


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