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EP341 Mobile Home Park Investing and an Engineer’s Unique Perspective on Success and Opportunity in This Space with Charlotte Dunford

Mobile home parks have become a very desirable asset class for investors.

My guest today currently owns 28 parks and has created over a half-million in asset value over the past year.

Charlotte Dunford is the managing partner of Johns Creek Capital, which has raised close to $5 million from investors. Charlotte is also a first-generation American citizen and college graduate who left her home country of China with just her belongings at the age of 16.

Today Charlotte explains how she’s employed her engineering background to analyze potential opportunities. We’ll also discuss why she focuses on smaller parks of 10 to 50 lots, how she adds value, and how moving to America at a young age helped shape her outlook on opportunity and success.

I know you’ll enjoy this conversation with Charlotte. You can find out more about her through her website and contact her through email:



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