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    EP091 Leaving your Job, Finding your Financial Freedom Number, and the Tyranny of Wealth Building with Clayton Morris

    You might recognize Clayton Morris from his previous job as co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend on Fox News Channel.  But what you don't know is that years ago Clayton promised himself that he would be financially free by the time he turned 40. 

    Well, just last month he announced on-air, that he was leaving Fox & Friends in order to pursue his true passion:  Helping others build passive income and legacy wealth by investing in Buy & Hold Real Estate.

    Today Clayton tells us about the conversation he had on a flight to New Zealand that changed his thinking about wealth creation and changed his life.  He also shares the epiphany he had when his wife informed him that despite being a successful TV News personality, they couldn't afford to pay their mortgage that month.

    Clayton describes the process of locating and acquiring his first two rental properties in Michigan, and how he quickly built a team to allow him to continue buying more.  He also explains how you can determine your Financial Freedom Number that will help you build enough passive income to be financially free.

    We also discuss the Tyranny of Wealth Building, and how some people focus on the wrong ways to build wealth for the wrong reasons.  Clayton also shares how he works with investors to help them invest in Turn-Key Rental Properties through his company Morris Invest.

    You can contact Clayton through his website:  http://morrisinvest.com/

    and you can listen to his podcast "Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris"

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