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EP190 Recession Resistant Assets: Multifamily V.S. Self Storage & Mobile Home Parks, with Paul Moore

Today we're going to compare the Pro's & Con's of investing in Multifamily & Apartments V.S. two other commercial asset classes: Self Storage & Mobile Home Parks.  Which is harder to acquire in today's market, and which will do the best during a good economy as well as a bad one?

Paul Moore has returned to the show to help us answer these questions.  You might remember Paul from episode #42, where we talked about his book "The Perfect Investment: Create Enduring Wealth From The Historic Shift to Multifamily Housing".  Paul has since changed his outlook on Multifamily, and today you're going to find out why.

Paul is also the Founder & Managing Director of Wellings Capital, which manages two private equity funds in commercial investments.  Paul is going to share the Value Formula he uses to exponentially create wealth in commercial properties, the tax benefits provided through Real Estate Investing, and the types of returns he strives to achieve for his investors.  

Paul also hosts the podcast "How To Lose Money", where I was a guest on episode #7 talking about a Meth House I (may have) owned in New Mexico.  I always enjoy my conversations with Paul because he's so knowledgable on so many aspects of commercial investing.  I know you're going to enjoy this episode & learn some tips that will help you increase your bottom line.

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