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EP287 Artificial Intelligence, Key Performance Indicators, and the Future of Property Management with JC Castillo

I’ve been looking forward to our conversation with today’s guest because he’s one of the smartest people I know in the Multifamily and Property Management space. 

JC Castillo has taken what he learned during his time in Silicon Valley and the semiconductor industry, and he’s applied that tech and data experience to his current business Multifamily Property Group which has grown to $80 Million in assets under management.  He just rolled out his new property management company called Velo Residential.  JC also hosts the excellent show called the “Operate For Profit Podcast”

Today we’re going to discuss the future of investment real estate and the emphasis property management is going to have on generating profits.   JC is going to describe how he’s using Artificial Intelligence to keep his units full, and Virtual Team Members to handle much of the back-end office work.  We’ll also dig into the importance of Key Performance Indexes and how they can show you the health of your investment or point out problems at a glance.

You’ll also learn why JC doesn’t spend money on paid advertising for any of his properties, and the key resource that helps him market his units and draw more traffic to his website than his competitors.

JC shares so much Gold in this episode.  Anyone who manages their own properties or hires 3rd-party management will want to listen to this episode to hear JC’s cutting-edge ideas.  You can find out more about JC and Velo Residential at  www.operateforprofit.com

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