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EP146 URGENT - Please Wire $3,470 IMMEDIATELY!...and other tales of Cyber Fraud with Tom Cronkright

On the morning of August 6th an associate of mine received an email from me requesting that he wire a vendor payment of $3,470.  Because of our relationship, it was not unusual that I would make this request.  Luckily, he texted me to ask what the payment was for, and that's when we realized that someone was impersonating me and attempting to commit Cyber Fraud!

In the words of Tom Cronkright, my guest today, Cyber Fraud is "unhinged and has reached an epic level in real estate transactions."  This affects everyone who is buying or selling real estate.

Tom is an expert on Cyber Fraud and started a company called CertifID to prevent fraud in the real estate, lending, and title industries.  You might also recognize Tom as the CEO of Sun Title, a Title Agency serving the Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan area.

Tom has some Mind-Blowing content to share with us today, including clues to look for that indicate you're being scammed, ways to protect yourself, and Real-Time examples of Fraud that Tom has seen over the past year.

You definitely want to listen to this episode, because its not a matter of 'if', but rather 'when' Cyber Fraud will happen to you!

You can contact Tom by email at:  tcronkright@certifid.com

And find out more about CertifID by going to https://certifid.com/

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