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EP034 Infinite Returns through Multi Family Investing, Starting your own Management Company and Turning Around a 24 Unit with 42% Occupancy with Josh Sterling

Last week I spoke with Josh Sterling about his Single Family Rental Investments and the plateaus he's overcome while building his portfolio from 1 to 160 units.

This week, in part two of our conversation, Josh and I discuss the 24 Unit Apartment Community he purchased on Land Contract that had a 42% occupancy rate and how he managed to turn that around.  Josh shares how he improved the occupancy to near 100%, and cash-out refinanced all of the money he originally invested. 

We discuss the "Infinite Return" he's created by no longer having any of his own money in the investment, while still cash-flowing $5,400 a month.  This is the Holy Grail of real estate investing, and Josh is going to tell us how he did it.

We'll also talk about the 53-unit Josh purchased next, how he built his team at Epic Property Management, the systems and property management software he put in place to help build his portfolio, as well as new construction projects he's undertaken recently.

This episode is bursting with great information for novice & seasoned investors.  Be ready to take lots of notes!



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