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EP218 Shooting the Sacred Emotional Support Cow and Fighting Adverse Legislation with RPOA Lobbyist Tabitha Zimny

What do you do if you have a 'no pet' policy and your tenant decides that they need an Emotional Support Animal.  What if that animal happens to be a pig, or a goat, or a bat?  Well, as crazy as it sounds, this is happening to landlords and its protected by laws and rental rules.

Part of the RPOA's mission is to fight these types of laws that are adverse to a rental property owner's ability to control the well-being of their property and business.

And helping us fight these laws and pass better ones here in Michigan is Tabitha Zimny, an Associate Lobbyist for Karoub Associates out of Lansing.  Also joining us is Clay Powell, the Director of the RPOA of Michigan and Grand Rapids. 

Today we're going to discuss legislation having to do with Emotional Support Animals, Short-Term & Vacation Rentals, Rent Control, and the upcoming LLC bill that allows landlords the ability to represent themselves in eviction court even if they own their property through an LLC.

Clay will also be making a special announcement regarding the new Short-Term Rental Association which will be representing Short-Term & Vacation rental owners across Michigan.  We'll also discuss the RPOA PAC fund, which brings us to the table with our lawmakers in order to have influence on the votes and decisions they make.

If you own rental property it is imperative that you know what's going on at the legislative level that will affect your business.  After listening to this episode you'll have a much better understanding of the gauntlet a bill has to go through to become a law, as well as the importance of the RPOA and Tabitha in shaping those laws.

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