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EP349 Why He Bought Up 19 City Blocks in Downtown Jacksonville with Gregg Cohen

Over the past two years, today’s guest has acquired 19 city blocks in Jacksonville, Florida’s urban center with the goal of creating a thriving, walkable downtown. 

Why? Because by helping make Jacksonville a place where people want to live and work, Gregg Cohen and his team at JWB Real Estate Capital hope to raise the median income city-wide. This benefits everyone who lives there, and in turn, helps his investors increase their return on investment.

Today we’re going to learn more about Gregg’s strategy of building neighborhoods, investing in the city he loves, and why he’s bucking the trend of buying across multiple markets. We’ll also discuss the dynamics that help create a successful downtown, such as the public-private partnership, tax incentives, and avoiding the NIMBY buzzsaw.

This is an excellent episode about placemaking and what it takes to create a thriving downtown community. You can find out more about Gregg through the following means:

JWB website: jwbrealestatecapital.com

JWB Facebook Group: jwbfacebookgroup.com

JWB Facebook Business Page: facebook.com/CashFlowProperties

JWB YouTube: youtube.com/c/JWBRealEstateCapitalJacksonville

JWB Twitter: twitter.com/jwbcompanies

Gregg's LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/gcohen31/

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