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EP365 What Is Attainable Housing and What Are the Cutting-Edge Strategies We Must Use to Achieve It? with Chris Loeffler

We’re facing a real dilemma in this country with our lack of attainable housing, and it’s easy to understand a lot of the supply and demand reasons why this crisis exists.

But identifying solutions can be challenging.

My guest today is Chris Loeffler, the CEO of Caliber, an Arizona-based real estate investment firm and alternative asset manager, who is working to provide answers now.

We’re going to discuss how to confront skyrocketing costs and the lack of attainable housing in areas where the market is red hot. This conversation will cover the gamut from land leases and flex manufacturing, master-planned communities and the home-as-a-service model.

You’ll also learn about a fascinating 90-unit apartment community that Chris is developing using pre-manufactured steel units built by Zenni Homes. Chris also shares the cost-savings that can be achieved by employing flex-manufacturing.

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