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EP231 How He Bought an Island and is Building a World-Class Resort with Dan Behm

My guest today made a lifestyle real estate investment in an asset class that most of us can only dream of. He bought an Island!  And he’s turning that island into the world’s sexiest off-the grid private luxury resort featuring over-water villas, treehouse jungle suites, and the world’s first over-water beach on stilts.

You may know Dan Behm from his online blog called “Why I bought an Island”, and if you’re from the West Michigan area you may know him as the Founder and Past CEO & President of the wildly successful tech company ‘OST’, or Open Systems Technologies.

Dan is also an entrepreneur and investor focusing on residential and commercial real estate, small businesses and international resorts. He’s received many awards over the years including the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year and the West Michigan MSU Business Person of the Year.

And today, Dan is going to tell us why he bought this island in Panama, the engineering and structural challenges his team had to overcome to turn it into a world-class resort, how he’s maximizing profit, and the Return On Investment he’s targeting for investors.

I know you’re going to enjoy this fun and inspiring conversation with Dan.   You should also check out the video version on youtube, where you’ll be able to see photos, renderings, and video from the project.

You can find out more by going to https://bocasbali.com

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