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EP088 The Devil is in the Details: How Title Work, Legal Advice and Insurance can Make or Break your Real Estate Investment with Brian Durham

Today we take a Deeper Dive into the Un-Sexy, yet Extremely Important, details that can make or break your rental property investments:

- why you should always have an Attorney review your Contracts

- the importance of Title Companies when you buy a Property

- how to avoid Adverse Possession - the Hostile Takeover of your Property

- How you can Profit from having a Cell Tower on your Property

- How to avoid Land Contract Disasters

Brian Durham is a Real Estate Agent and Office Manager for Precision Real Estate. He's also finished law school and is in the process of taking the bar exam. Brian has a background in Telecommunications, business management, and tenant law.

In this episode, Brian shares how his first home presented a unique and lucrative profit potential when a large grocery store chain made him an offer he couldn't refuse, what happened when a house he sold on land contract burned down, and why he sees the strong housing market continuing for another two to three years.

I know you'll gain a lot of in-depth real estate knowledge from today's conversation. Please take a moment to go to itunes to give us a review & rating.

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